Professional Mould Design and Mould Manufacturer Located in Selangor, Malaysia

Allurebodyline specialize in manufacturing different types of moulding services including mould fabrication, injection moulding, metal stamping, secondary finishing & modular assembly.

About Us

Allurebodyline is a very professional mould design and mould manufacturer located in Selangor, Malaysia. We have been manufacturing complete moulds since 2000 and specialize in manufacturing different types of injection moulds supply locally and globally. Our services including:

  •  Mould Fabrication
  • Injection Moulding
  •  Metal Stamping
  • Secondary Finishing
  • Modular Assembly

In the past we have been producing moulds for a wide range of industries including automotive, home appliances, medical equipment, electronics, sporting goods, alloy toy cars and also electronically controlled toys. We strive for the highest quality, best delivery, excellent service and competitive prices, and enjoy a good reputation throughout all of our client.

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Our Services

To fulfil the enormous demand from consumers, Allurebodyline offers a variety of services. The following 6 services are among our specialties. 

AllureBodyline services

Mould Fabrication

Allure Bodyline has a strong and skilled tooling development and manufacturing department. Our team consists of experienced and proficient mold makers who understand the high quality requirements of each industry. We use cutting edge technology with an emphasis on high quality plastic injection molds and develop them entirely in-house.

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Injection Moulding

All our injection molding machines and secondary molding machines are equipped with the latest technology imported from Europe & Japan, we believe in using machines from trusted suppliers will allows us to obtain consistent and quality products in our production.

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Metal Stamping

We are a high-speed progressive precision metal stamping solution provider. We specialize in the mass production of high precision and complex stampings and provide innovative solutions for complex products based on proven manufacturing processes and advanced industry technologies.

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Secondary Finishing

We not only provide plastic molding/forming services, but we also offer additional value-added services to support you in molding parts, assembling them, packaging them and shipping them directly to your warehouse, where you can then sort them directly in the marketplace.

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Modular Assembly

We offer contract product assembly services, electronic assembly services, assembly manufacturing, ODM, OEM manufacturing, assembly of metal parts, plastic parts, PCB boards, electronic components together, and other volume add-on services.

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Why Us?

One Stop Services

We specialize in manufacturing injection molds, die casting molds, molded parts, CNC machined parts, secondary operations and assembly services with most processes done in-house, a one- stop shop just like a package that lets you place orders for all your needs and save money.

High Efficiency

We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, quote your project within 2 business days of A.S.A.P, and update you weekly on the order schedule.

Competitive Price

Our competitive prices come from the most attractive advantages in Malaysia, such as lower labor costs, a large number of well-educated employees, and constantly improving equipment and technology.

Workshop Project Management

We have a project management approach where each project manager will take full responsibility for your project, from quotation to delivery of the finished mould or part.

Industries That We Serve

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Home Appliances

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